KLOUDAS & ASSOCIATES Law Firm offers a broad scope of legal services, especially in the following fields:

Criminal Law

KLOUDAS & ASSOCIATES Law Firm provides legal services and advice covering the entire spectrum of criminal law, specializing in “white collar” crimes and labor accidents (in terms of both accidents’ and resulting criminal liability’s management), as well as in informing businesses about ways of preventing and managing risks.

KLOUDAS & ASSOCIATES has undertaken many cases of broad social interest.

Cases are handled on the basis of personal contact with clients and prompt provision of services.


Pharmaceutical Law

KLOUDAS & ASSOCIATES Law Firm provides specialized services to businesses and professionals operating in the pharmacies, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and health services industry.
Besides a large number of pharmacies, our clients’ list includes numerous corporations producing and trading in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, companies distributing and storing products, e-commerce enterprises and beauty and health services businesses.

KLOUDAS & ASSOCIATES pioneered in all recent changes of the pharmaceutical legislation, such as in enacting and consolidating the pharmacies’ extended opening hours, the pharmacies’ right to wholesaling, the amplification of products and services that may be offered therefrom and the establishment of chain-pharmacies.

Our Firm’s lawyers monitor all developments of the Greek and international legislation in the pharmaceuticals’, pharmacies’ and beauty and health services’ sectors and issue notifications about any upcoming change.


Real Property Investments / Real estate

KLOUDAS & ASSOCIATES Law Firm has long experience in performing legal actions and services with regard to the acquisition and management of real property, including without limitation, in respect of: the purchase and sale of real estate, the examination of title deeds, the development, planning and construction of real estate. We have a profound knowledge of the Greek real estate market and of the issues pertinent to title investigation, the procedure for transferring real property and relevant negotiations.

We monitor developments in legislation closely and we provide advice both in relation to acquiring real estate, as well as in relation to favorable tax treatment options regarding the acquisition and occupation of real property.

Our Firm monitors the market and proceeds to point out investment opportunities, in collaboration with most reputable investment bodies.

Particularly in respect of real estate acquired by foreign clients – natural persons, our Firm offers suitable advice regarding the acquisition and attendant benefits of acquiring real property in the Greek territory, the most prominent of which is obtaining and holding an EU residence/work permit.

On special agreement, our Office is in a position to even provide property management services and perform all obligations ancillary to keeping real property (indicatively: fulfillment of tax formalities, monitoring of the properties’ obligations and encumbrances).

Civil – Commercial Law

KLOUDAS & ASSOCIATES Law Firm offers legal support to a broad range of civil and commercial law cases, regarding the resolution of disputes both before courts, as well as out-of-court. We have an exceptionally active litigation practice and a strong presence in the field of judicial resolution of disputes relating to civil and commercial law issues, such as contractual disputes arising from international and domestic commercial agreements (including franchise, distribution, commercial agency and financing agreements, purchase and sale agreements), shareholding and corporate disputes, issues of the law on enforcement, tort and defamation cases.


Labor Law

KLOUDAS & ASSOCIATES Law Firm provides specialized legal advice and services concerning the entire spectrum of labor law cases, both from an employer’s and an employee’s point of view.
We provide advice to businesses regarding their obligations under labor legislation, as well as in relation to managing claims by individual employees, but also in relation to the safety and accident prevention measures that must be taken at company quarters.

Administrative – Tax Law

KLOUDAS & ASSOCIATES Law Firm provides services regarding the litigation and out-of-court settlement of administrative and tax cases to both legal entities and collective associations, as well as to individuals.

We focus our attention mainly on legislative developments and on the options available for managing relations with the administration and tax authorities at a precautionary level. In cases of obligatory recourse to justice, the more expedient and advantageous management of the cases is preferred.