Press Release – Acquittal of the champion, Aphrodite Skafida

5 July 2016

On the occasion of the acquittal of the champion, Aphrodite Skafida, from the charge of dopping, her lawyer, George Kloudas, partner of the Kloudas & Associates Law Firm, made the following statement:

“By a major judgment, the Greek sports justice acquitted Aphrodite, thus putting an end to an adventure which, I believe, should have been avoided in the first place.

Aphrodite delivered some great moments to the Greek sports and was one of the pioneers in women’s jumping, a sport in which we expect a distinction at the Olympic Games.

Her acquittal is a vindication for all athletes, regardless of gender, against the excessive eagerness of sports justice.

We must all support Greek sports and, above all, encourage our young people to engage in it. That is why we must protect Greek champions, in order that their successes are not unjustly disputed and they remain idols for the Greek society and our youth.”